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Ox Bile Extract


OXIBIL™ (Ox bile extract) is a natural substance extracted from the gallbladder of Bovine sources. It is purified and concentrated to produce in powder form. It is used in various formulations that may enhance digestive function, support nutrient absorption, and promote overall animal gastrointestinal health. It is TESTED and APPROVED in the ponds of Chennai in White Shrimps (L.Vannamei).

OXIBIL™ is a dried mixture of Ox’s conjugated bile acids, including cholic, deoxycholic, taurocholic, and lithocholic acids. Cholic acid NLT- 45% acts as a bile acid regulator and helps break down and absorb fats. It also supports the overall health of the gastrointestinal system. Incorporating high-grade OXIBIL™ as a supplement in your animals’ feed can improve digestion and overall well-being.

Applications of OXIBILTM

Enhance Performance and Digestive Health with Ox Bile Extract

Titan Biotech Limited

Asia’s One of the Largest Manufacturer & Exporter of Ox Bile Extract – OXIBILTM

Titan Biotech Ltd. is a reputed and leading manufacturer and exporter of biological products for various sectors like pharmaceuticals, food and beverages, nutraceuticals, and animal nutrition. With a global reach, our raw material ingredients are supplied to over 100+ countries, catering to diverse industries.

We aim to deliver raw materials that align with international standards and protocols. We specialize in Ox Bile Extract – OXIBIL™, derived from bovine sources. It ensures bioavailability, faster absorption, and therapeutic efficacy in animals.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What are the benefits of ox bile extract?

Ox bile extract improves digestion, increases nutrient absorption, provides liver support, and helps to remove toxins & waste products. It also reduces cholesterol & inflammation and boosts immunity in animals.

Is every ox bile extract the same?

All ox bile extracts differ in composition, quality, and extraction methods. These variations impact the potency, purity, and effectiveness of ox bile extract. Hence select it from a reputable and trustworthy manufacturer.

Does bile extract at less price provide desired outcomes?

The price of the bile extract is not the only factor in determining the effectiveness or desired outcomes. The quality and efficacy of the product depend on various factors such as purity, quality, source, and extraction process.

Does ox bile extract affect the fatty liver in animals?

Ox bile extract improves the functioning of the liver and aids in eliminating toxins, promoting overall liver health in animals. If you suspect your animal has fatty liver, consult the vet for the proper treatment and dosage of ox bile extract.

What is ox bile dosage for animals?

The appropriate dosage of ox bile for animals can vary depending on the specific animal species, size, and health condition. It is essential to consult with a veterinarian before administering ox bile to your animal. They will be able to provide you with specific dosages based on your animal's individual needs.

Are there any side effects of ox bile extract?

Ox bile extract is generally considered safe for consumption when used appropriately and under the guidance of a vet.

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