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Premium Ox Bile Extracts for Optimal Results

  • Premium Quality: Our bile extract is of the highest quality, ensuring it is 100% pure and free from dilution. We take great care in sourcing and processing the bile extract to maintain its purity and effectiveness.
  • Better Outcomes: Our product delivers superior efficiency and results compared to other bile extracts in the market. Our rigorous manufacturing processes and quality control measures ensure that our bile extract consistently provides better outcomes for our customers.
  • Cholic Acid NLT 45%: Our bile extract contains 45% cholic acid, a key component known for its various therapeutic benefits. This high concentration of cholic acid enhances the effectiveness and potency of our product.
  • Trusted by 200+ Brands: We have earned the trust of over 200 brands that rely on our bile extract for their products. Our consistent quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction have made us a preferred choice among numerous reputable brands.
  • Asia’s Largest Manufacturer of Ox Bile Extract: Titan Biotech is proudly the largest manufacturer of Ox Bile Extract in Asia: our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and extensive production capabilities allow us to meet the increasing market demands.
ParameterOXIBIL™Other Bile Extracts
Source of originSourced from healthy oxen/bovine which is free from any kind of life-threatening virus.Sourced from pigs and the majority of pigs contain the hepatitis virus which is proven in many types of research conducted worldwide.
Cholic Acid ContentContains cholic acid not less than 45%.Contains cholic acid of 7% only (which is insufficient to work properly).
CarbohydratesContains less carbohydratesContains more carbohydrates. In the total product, the major content is carbohydrates only.
FunctionWorks on liver/hepatopancreas, bacterial disease, and proper nutrient absorption including proper emulsification of fats and large molecules.Works very less on liver/hepatopancreas, a bacterial disease, and nutrient absorption but works majorly on weight gain only.
EffeciencyTreats and stops the recurrence of white gut disease by killing the vibrio bacteria.Is not that effective due to low concentrations of cholic acid or bile acids.

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