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Ox Bile Extract For Ruminants

Ox Bile Extract, derived from Bovine source, provide several health benefits in ruminants. Ruminants like cows and sheep have unique digestive systems that rely on microbial fermentation to break down complex plant materials. OXIBIL is used in ruminants as a dietary supplement to support their digestive processes. Here are some potential benefits of using ox bile extract in ruminants:

Benefits of OXIBIL™ in Ruminants

Improves Digestion

OXIBIL enhances digestion by the breakdown and absorption of dietary fats. Hence, it emulsifies fats and supports better digestion and nutrient utilization.

Enhances Nutrient Absorption

The supplementation of OXIBIL in ruminants improves nutrient absorption leading to better utilization of fat-soluble vitamins (A, D, E & K) and minerals.

Reduction of Digestive Disorders

Ruminants are susceptible to digestive issues like bloating, acidosis, and rumen imbalances. OXIBIL maintains a healthy balance of microbial populations in the rumen, preventing digestive disorders and promoting a healthier gut environment.

Liver Support

Bile is produced in the liver, and supplementation of OXIBIL can support the liver in ruminants. It optimizes liver function and aids in eliminating toxins, promoting overall liver health.

Improves Feed Efficiency

OXIBILcan improve feed efficiency by enhancing digestion and nutrient absorption. Animals can derive more energy and nutrients from their feed, leading to better growth rates, weight gain, and overall productivity.

Stress Reduction

Ruminants may experience stress from various factors like changes in diet and environmental conditions. OXIBIL manages stress and promotes overall well-being.

Ox Bile Extract Uses

Other Applications of OXIBILTM

Enhance Performance and Digestive Health with Ox Bile Extract


OXIBIL™ is a digestive aid, especially for those with pancreatic insufficiency or digestive disorders.


OXIBIL™ improves nutrient absorption, survival rate, treats bacterial infections and supports Hepatopancreas health.


OXIBIL™ increases digestion and improves nutrient utilization and overall performance.

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