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Bile Extract


Bile Extract

Bile extract is derived from bile, a fluid synthesized by the liver and stored in the gallbladder. It comprises various components, including bile acids, cholesterol, electrolytes, enzymes, and pigments, and plays a crucial role in the digestion & absorption of fats and fat-soluble vitamins. Ox bile extract is derived from the bile of Bovine sources. It contains various compounds, including bile acids, enzymes, electrolytes, and cholesterol.

Titan Biotech’s OXIBIL™ is a dried mixture of conjugated bile acid from healthy Bovine sources. It contains cholic acid NLT-45%, which acts as a regulator of bile acids and lipid metabolism. OXIBIL™ is the best among other bile extracts, as it is sourced from healthy Bovine and free from life-threatening viruses. It contains fewer carbohydrates and directly functions on the liver or hepatopancreas to properly absorb nutrients and emulsify large fat molecules. It also treats and stops the recurrence of White Gut Disease in Shrimps by killing the Vibrio Bacteria.  


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