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Ox Bile Extract For Aquaculture

The supplementation of Ox Bile extract in the feed of aquatic animals has increased over the last few years. OXIBIL™ is essential in nutrient absorption, disease prevention, and optimal water conditions for the growth and survival of aquatic animals. OXIBIL™ improves growth, health, and survival by reducing antibiotics and chemicals while promoting environmentally friendly practices in the aquaculture industry. This innovative solution also enhances the overall immune system of the aquatic species, leading to a more robust and resilient population. Moreover, OXIBIL™ aids in maintaining a balanced ecosystem, ensuring sustainable aquaculture production for future generations.

Benefits of OXIBIL™ in Aquaculture

Increases Nutrient Absorption

OXIBIL™ increases the activity of digestive enzymes facilitating the breakdown of complex nutrients, making them more readily available for absorption. It leads to better nutrient utilization and enhances body mass. Furthermore, it maintains gut health by boosting the growth of beneficial gut microbiota in aquatic animals.

Supports Lipid Metabolism

OXIBIL™ helps digestion and absorption of dietary fats, allowing better utilization of essential fatty acids and lipid-soluble vitamins. It promotes optimal growth and development while improving overall energy utilization.

Increases Immunity

OXIBIL™ boosts the immune system to fight against pathogens and diseases. It supports aquatic animals to develop a robust defense mechanism against harmful microorganisms.

Improves Survival Rate

OXIBIL™ improves survival rate, specifically in challenging conditions such as low salinity or fluctuating water temperature and pH. It also helps aquatic animals to cope with environmental variations, reduces mortality, and increases overall survival rates.

Sustainable Culture Production

OXIBIL™ contributes to sustainable production by maintaining stable and favorable pH conditions. It also aids in better oxygen dissolution in water, creating an optimal environment for the growth and development of aquatic animals.

Larval Feeding

In the early stages of development, the larvae of certain aquatic animals have specific nutritional requirements. OXIBIL has been used in larval feeds to aid digestion and absorption of nutrients, potentially improving growth and survival rates. It is vital in aquaculture hatcheries where optimal larval nutrition is crucial.

Disease Prevention

The supplementation of OXIBIL™ in feeds reduces the risk of bacterial infections in aquatic animals due to its anti-microbial properties. However, the effectiveness of ox bile as a disease prevention measure may vary depending on the specific pathogens involved and the overall health status of the animals.

Additional Benefits of OXIBIL™ in Shrimp

Effect on Hepatopancreas

The hepatopancreas is responsible for digestion, storage, and detoxification. OXIBIL™ supports the normal functioning of the hepatopancreas in Shrimp. It helps maintain optimal enzymatic activity, ensuring efficient digestion and nutrient assimilation.

Prevention from Toxins & White Gut Disease

OXIBIL™ helps manage water quality by preventing the accumulation of toxins and harmful substances. It also exhibits antipathogenic effects against Vibrio bacteria that cause white gut disease in shrimp.

Prevents Abnormal Molting & Soft Shell Formation

Molting is required for the growth and development of shrimp. During molting,  shrimps shed old skin and hide for 2-3 days for the shell to harden. OXIBIL™ promotes a normal molting phase, reducing the formation of soft skin and abnormal molting. Furthermore, it fosters shell hardness, providing the necessary protection to growing shrimps.

Tries Tested Proven

Oxibil™ has been tested on shrimps to assess their safety and effectiveness.

ParameterControl PondTest Pond
Pond Total Area0.4 hm20.4 hm2
Salinity16 (with added minerals)4
Stocking Density3Lks3Lks
Post Larvae (PL)88
Bile Extract Per Meal -10g
Calcium (minerals)154.5 mg/g156.7 mg/g
Health of LiverHealthyHealthy
Dominant Gut OrganismsBacillus spBacillus sp
White Faecal ObservationYes ObservedNil
Avg. Body Mass2425
Survival Rate75%90%
Total Harvest (Ton)5.46.75



  • Enhanced immunity – No diseases or infections were observed during culture.
  • High survival rate – 90% survival rate was observed
  • Prevent Soft Shell & Abnormality in Molting Phase – Shrimps were healthy, and proper molting was observed throughout the culture period
  • Control of WFU – No white Fecal was observed throughout the culture
Ox Bile Extract Uses

Other Applications of OXIBILTM

Enhance Performance and Digestive Health with Ox Bile Extract


OXIBIL™ is a digestive aid, especially for those with pancreatic insufficiency or digestive disorders.


OXIBIL™ enhances breakdown, fat digestion, and absorption of fat-soluble vitamins.


OXIBIL™ increases digestion and improves nutrient utilization and overall performance.

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